Missing Washington, DC

When Erin at Treasures Found / Tesori Trovati posted her Challenge of Travel: Staycation challenge, I had just spent my last few weeks exploring Washington, DC.  My house had just been packed up and I was just about to leave for our new life in Brussels, Belgium.  I knew that I wasn’t ready to jump right into this kind of challenge and highlight Brussels (maybe next year) but Washington, DC – oh yes – I could highlight Washington easily.

Photo credit: michpowell, tomlara, davidlat from sxc.hu (along with a few of mine)


I have had the privilege of living and working in the Washington, DC are for the last 6 1/2 years.  Who knew that when we said yes to a posting in Washington that I would fall hopelessly, completely, totally in love with the place.  I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how much I enjoy being and living in Washington.  I am getting a little teary-eyed as I write this thinking about all of the things I like about it.  The confident architecture, the stately National Mall, rugged Great Falls, the trees…oh the trees….cherry trees, magnolias, conifers, maples…. so, so many trees. There, I am smiling from ear to ear just thinking about it.

When thinking about what I should make to honor my time in Washington, I thought about what got me started in jewelry making.  Cindy Wimmer, who was first my friend, become my mentor and taught me how to make my first piece – a rosary for my then 2nd grader on his first communion.  When I think of Cindy, I think of all of the things that she taught me and what I saw her wear.  Cindy has a bracelet which she wears over and over again that I love.  It is a simple wire bangle with coiled wire and a lovely large silver heart bead at the hand worked clasp. (BTW, you can find the bracelet in the book Wire Style 2). I love the style of the bracelet and thought that I could do something similar but with a little more color.  When I think of color, I immediately think of Kerry Bogert.  Kerry has a similar piece in Totally Twisted but it uses more colors that I wanted.  I thought I could use the simplicity of Cindy’s piece with some of the color from Kerry’s and this is what I came up with.


This piece is made of sterling silver filled wire (14g and 22 g) with beads from HMB studios (I had to use red and blue, right?).  It is a simple bangle to make and even easier to wear.  I love it already.  It now just needs a good pass in the tumbler (I have to figure out how to use it here in Europe) and it will be perfect.



Thank you Erin for organizing the challenge.  Please be sure to visit all of the artists who will tell you all about their hometown. You can click here for the complete list.

Until next time,

Julie Anne

  1. Kathleen Lange Klik’s avatar

    What a beautiful bracelet-a perfect tribute to D.C.! I am really enjoying the wire work and style of it.

    Hope you are enjoying your new hometown!


  2. Anne Hussey’s avatar

    I’ll think of you when we’re at the National Zoo on Tuesday! I am told that when moving to Europe there’s a honeymoon period, followed by extreme homesickness, and then you settle in to favorite spots and develop friendships and it becomes home. Hoping you fall for Brussels just as hard as DC! Hugs, friend.


  3. Marti C.’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing Washington in such a lovely way. Blessings with your move, hope you will love Belgium just as much. Very pretty bracelet!


  4. Charlotte Gordon’s avatar

    Love this! A balance of blue and red, left and right – so perfect for DC. I too lived in DC for 6 years! I was there from 2005-2011. I loved it there, and miss it everyday! What a great city! And Belgium!? I’ve only been to Antwerp so far, but I absolutely loved that country, enjoy! I hope you post updates from there, I will definitely follow along. Cheers! -Charlotte


  5. shai williams’s avatar

    I just love it! That is a bracelet that I could see reaching for all the time to wear.


  6. Beth’s avatar

    Wonderful piece and I think it is perfect for DC! Love the pics you showed us and I am so jealous you were able to live in DC. I want my mom and I to take a trip there for a week to visit – I especially want to visit the war memorials and Arlington National Cemetery and of course the museums! Thank you for taking us through DC!


  7. Jo’s avatar

    I *loved* reading your post! I visited Washington D.C. back in 2011 and I loved it there – it is completely unlike any other US city I’ve visited because of the low-rise buildings and lots of parks and greenery. And what also hit me was how patriotic it was there (obvious perhaps, but you don’t really get that over here in UK). You could see history everywhere. So I really like your bracelet, as I think it really captures that patriotism.


  8. Alice’s avatar

    Our family took a vacation to D.C. one year and I thought the kid’s would not like a vacation that included so much history and museums. But it turned out to be are favorite big city to explore.

    Your bracelet is just lovely, and I like the clean lines.


  9. Wendy Moore’s avatar

    Julie Anne, I loved reading this post. The bracelet is beautiful. I know nothing about wire work so found your description of the process fascinating. As a somewhat nomadic soul, I empathise with the “missing” and hope that Brussles becomes a wonderful place for you too. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Ann S’s avatar

    I love this bracelet. Simple, beautiful and a wonderful representation!


  11. Tanya’s avatar

    Your bracelet is beautiful and I love how it represents Washington DC. I love your pictures. It makes me want to visit even more than I already did. :)


  12. Lisa Cone’s avatar

    Simply beautiful! And how can you not love the patriotic colors? Gorgeous!


  13. Andrea Ross’s avatar

    Love the bangle, 14g wire is so yummy. I have to try it in silver filled. Looks like it took the hammering well. Lovely.


  14. Caron’s avatar

    Oh wow – this is one place I definitely want to visit and is on my hit list when I travel to the US! Fabulous blog post and best wishes for your future travels.


  15. Lee’s avatar

    I love the simplicity of this piece! The colors you chose really evoke thoughts of what comes to mind when one hears Washington DC….patriotism, country, freedom….flag………nice tribute.


  16. Sandra’s avatar

    Thank you for showing us Washington! Good luck with your move, I hope you’ll like it here in Europe. :) That bangle is beautiful (of course the beads had to be red and blue, haha), and I love how the clasp is an integral part of its design.


  17. Melissa Trudinger’s avatar

    Love your descriptions of DC — I visited there once when I lived in the US and I thought it was an amazing city. I’d like to go back one day. The bangle is stunning, deceptively simple in appearance but a lot of work going into it.


  18. Lori Bowring Michaud’s avatar

    I traveled to D.C. for the first time (and my first time on an airplane) with my oldest daughter over Memorial Day weekend in 2012. She went to a conference and took me with her. What an amazing city – I was in awe! 5 days was not enough time and I will definitely go back to explore some more some day. Beautiful bangle (in all my years of making jewelry I’ve never made a bangle!), and a fitting tribute to your time there. I wish you the best in your new adventure!!


  19. Dawn Doucette’s avatar

    Sometimes simple is perfect! I think you’ve nailed it with this piece! Not to mention it’s perfect for all our patriotic holidays! :)


  20. Cindy Wimmer’s avatar

    Julie Anne…..gosh it really made me miss you reading this post! In fact, I’ve been thinking of you this week when I see St. Luke’s magnets cars around town. Lots of memories. And I remember when we worked on the rosary in your kitchen like it was yesterday….that may have been the time you made the best chicken salad sandwich for me! :-) You really took off with your wire work!! And thanks for reminding me about that bangle…I need to go find it. I love how you combined ideas from the all-silver bangle and also incorporated a bit of Kerry’s infamous color. Washington DC just isn’t the same without you here. You are missed. I hope all is well in your new home. So happy to see the update here on your blog, btw!


  21. Erin Prais-Hintz’s avatar

    Oh, Miss Julie Anne! I am getting all teary with you! What a lovely tribute to your adopted hometown! It really is a beautiful city with all the monuments and the beautiful trees. My son is going on a school trip there in January. It will be less vibrant but no less lovely. But what an adventure you are on to go to Belgium! I wish you all the best. Sorry that it took me so long to get around to all the hometowns. I want to savor every one! Thank you for joining me on the journey! Enjoy the day. Erin



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