One year blogiversary and a big giveaway

Wow, where has the time gone?  It has been a year since I launched the blog and what better way to celebrate my blogiversary than with a big bead giveaway!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Maruti Beads to ask if I was interested in reviewing their beads.  Their wares are so outside of my comfort zone that at first I didn’t know what to say.  Then I decided that working with something new might be a great way to get my creative juices flowing.  I said yes to the challenge and within a few days I had a big parcel of beads at my door.   I was impressed with the speed of the delivery and the care that was taken with each bead being individually wrapped.  Kuddos to Maruti Beads for treating their beads with such respect.

The first challenge was a repair project from a co-worker.  I was handed a handful of stone, resin and wood beads with a carved stone accent bead and was asked to make a new bracelet from the lot.  The focal bead was a small, carved jade green colored stone and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it would have worked into the design.  I decided to pull out my box of Maruti Beads and see if one of their beads what might work.  I settled on a turquoise colored Kashmiri bead (made from marble powder and resin and studed with all sorts of accents).  The hole is fairly large – about 3mm- so I added simple bead caps and called it a day.  I think the new bracelet is lovely and the Kashmiri bead really helped to pull all of the other colors together.

My next piece was a challenge for me.  I had made a simple strand of soft grey faceted moonstone and wanted to transform it into something a little more sparkly.  I pulled out the following Kashmiri beads to work with:

I played with a number of options and finally settled on this:

See those pretty little sparkly Kashmiri beads at the top of the strands (again, these have large holes so I used a crystal bicone on either end).  I also added some long Czech glass tube beads from a recent trip to Ornamentea, a vintage pressed glass bead from a bead swap, a faceted black onyx rondelle and an upcycled silver bead from a piece I picked up at a local thrift store.  The result is just what I was after; long and simple with just a little pizzaz.

Finally, I wanted to make a little something as a give away.  I sorted through the rest of the Maruti Beads and settled on another Kashmiri bead.  This bead is a pretty silver with blue chain accents.  I paired it with a simple blue glass spacer from HMB Studios, a little leftover chain and viola, I had a pretty little pendant.

I had a lot of fun working with these beads from Maruti Beads.  I was able to incorporate them into my designs which still staying true to my own style.  I want to help one of you to do the same, so I am giving away the following to one lucky reader:

1. The pretty blue pendant above

2. A lot of Lac beads (natural resin and marble powder formed into interesting shapes and swirls)

3. A lot of Kashmiri beads (marble powder and synthetic resin accented with all kinds of sparkly bits)

4. A lot of Maruti beads (Kashmiri beads accented with silver plated caps – pretty, pretty, pretty!)

In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog.  How simple is that?  I will draw a random winnder from all comments on Monday, November 5th at 7:00 pm Eastern.  Be sure to share this giveway with all of your beady friends.  The more, the merrier!

Until next time,

Julie Anne

  1. Patricia Crowley’s avatar

    Thanks so much…these are gorgeous!


  2. Patti Vanderbloemen’s avatar

    Wow – you received some gorgeous beads! The color combination on that first bracelet is just beautiful! And your long, silver, sparkly necklace is perfect for this time of year! I will have to check out their shop – love the beads! Congrats on your anniversary!


    1. julielegg1’s avatar

      Thanks Patti. I am pretty happy at how that bracelet turned out, especially since I had no idea what the original piece looked like.


  3. Tammie E’s avatar

    Nice job on those pieces. Thanks for the opportunity to enter . :-D


  4. Susan Marling’s avatar

    How flattering to be asked to review their beads and it is always nice to have a new challenge. I saw you were at Art Bliss in Kerry’s class – I was at Art Bliss too in Stacie Florer’s classes. I don’t think I got to meet you. I love your rosaries. I grew up making rosaries – the beads surely weren’t as pretty as those. I love the seed beads in between.


    1. julielegg1’s avatar

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the nice feedback on my rosaries. I really love making them (obviously!). Hopefully we will have a chance to meet in person at the next ArtBliss.
      - Julie Anne


  5. Sharon Foster’s avatar

    I’m so happy to have found your blog, and plan to read through all the posts! Happy anniversary!


  6. Patsy Yoke’s avatar

    What a wonderful opportunity for you. Your selection of beads and colors were just the right touch. Great piece. Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize.


  7. Jennifer’s avatar

    I really like the redone wooden bracelet. That bead you added was perfect. Thanks for a chance to win :)


  8. Gina Hockett’s avatar

    Beautiful beads. I love what you did with them! Thank you for the opportunity to win some of them. Happy Anniversary!


  9. Cindy Wimmer’s avatar

    CONGRATULATIONS on the big ONE YEAR milestone, Julie Anne! I’m excited for you! You’ve come a long way, baby! ;-)
    Your projects with the beads are beautiful but without a doubt, my favorite is the classic-looking long necklace. It would be a staple with my wardrobe – what a gorgeous necklace!
    Congrats again, and here’s to lots of fun with your blog in the year ahead! :-)


    1. julielegg1’s avatar

      Thanks Cindy. As you know, I couldn’t have done it without you. :-)


  10. Cheri Reed’s avatar

    I love these beads, they are all awesome!! Thank you for giving me the chance to win them!!


  11. Jessica SMCT’s avatar

    yes, julie. i know what you’re thinking… there’s no use denying it. i really want to win! i want those lovely rosary beads! happy anniversary, julie! :)


  12. Kate Nielsen-Nunez’s avatar

    These are lovely! Thanks for sharing your thought process – I like the way you worked with them. And thanks for offering the opportunity for others to work with them as well!


  13. Mary’s avatar

    Beautiful beads, and beautiful work! I enjoyed reading through your blog.


  14. paula’s avatar

    your work is gorgeous. i love what you did with the first bracelet. i was drooling by the end of this post :)


  15. Shirley’s avatar

    What a wonderful opportunity to expand your style with new beads. Those are some interesting sets, I love the swirls of color in that first one. I think the Kashmiri bead worked out perfectly in the bracelet, and I adore that necklace! And congrats on your anniversary! Thank you for such a great giveaway.


  16. Dyanne’s avatar

    Your beads are GORGEOUS! I hope I win!


  17. Alenka’s avatar

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! And thank you for the opportunity to win some of the beads.


  18. Lori’s avatar

    So pretty love those bohemian beads



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