For Pauline and for Brenda

Hello friends.  I am so sorry I have been away from the blog for so long.  I taught a class earlier today and I told Brenda, my faithful and fun wireworking student that I would get back to my blog soon.  So Brenda, this one is for you and its also for co-worker Pauline.  Read on and I will tell you why.

A few weeks ago (more like 6 actually) I asked Pauline for the name of the community where she owned her beach home.  You see, we had visited there a number of years ago and I remember really liking the community.  It is fairly self contained, has a private beach and is safe and fun with lots to do for the kids.  Pauline told me the name and did me one better; she offered me her home for the week.  I was overjoyed as her home is beautiful and of course, I offered to pay her for the use of her place.  She refused but I could not and would not let the matter go.  In addition to buying her a nice dinner out, gifting her kids with Amazon gift cards and having the home professionally cleaned, I made this for Pauline as a small token of my appreciation.

The beads are from Blue Seraphim and I had been saving them for awhile waiting for the right piece.  Pauline has dark hair and I knew that the combination of the red streaky beads and the shiny silver would look great on her.

The bracelet itself is silver filled simple spirals with the lampwork and sterling silver daisy spacers connected with hand forged jump rings, chain and clasp.  A sterling silver bali bead dangles from the chain.  Once it was completed, the piece took a nice long ride in the tumbler to smooth out the edges.  I think it  is elegant and bold which is exactly how I see Pauline.  I sure hope she likes it.

That’s it for this time.  Thanks for reading and I promise not to be away to so long.

- Julie Anne

  1. Brenda’s avatar

    Julie, you rock! Thanks so much for the new blog entry. The bracelet is lovely. Can’t wait for your next class (perhaps this bracelet warrants a class ?) B



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