Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal

Hello blog hoppers and beady friends.  Today is Reveal #1 for the 6th installment of Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party.  This is my second BSBP and I was over the moon when I heard that my partner was lampwork and jewelry artist Marianna Boylan.  Marianna sent me some wonderful soup ingredients including a selection of her stunning handmade lampwork.  Here is what Marianna gifted me with:

There were so many ways I could have gone with this soup.  I decided to tackle the large focal first.  It is a flower bead handmade by Marianna in dark brown with a pale green center.  When I say dark brown, I mean really, really dark.  It really reads as black so I decided to run with that.  Here is the inspiration piece:

I paired this beautiful bead with with some black onyx lentils and faceted rounds from my stash, a few green adventurine rounds gifted to me from Kelley Fogel from the last BSBP and the small twisted connectors that Marianna sent.  Here is what I came up with:

The necklace is made with sterling silver filled wire and finished with a handmade clasp. Because the connectors were patinaed, I thought the super shiny silver wire work looked a bit off.  Once it was finished in LOS, polished with steel wool and tumbled, it came out just as I imagined it.  I have already worn it out and about and it looks great with a simple black tee and jean skirt. Here it is on yours truly last week:

Since I didn’t use the clasp for this necklace, I turned my attention to that next.  I really, really wanted to use the amazing orange starfish focal with the clasp but I didn’t like anything I was putting together.  I decided to take a break from the bead (nothing ever comes when I force it) and started working on an order for a rosary bracelet that I received on Tuesday.  While I was finishing that order up, I realized that I have made dozens of rosaries in the last year or so but none of them for me.  Inspiration struck and this rosary bracelet, made especially for me, came quickly:

This bracelet is a real testament to who I am as a person and as a designer.  In this piece the beads were all either bargain bin finds (the onyx “Ave” beads and sterling silver spacers) or gifted to me (the silver bali “Pater” bead and clasp).  The only retail items are the Via Dolorosa cross and dove charm which I picked up at Ornamentea a few weeks back.  I love mixing found items with bargain finds and to have those things culminate in a piece of prayer jewelry makes this piece even sweeter.  I made this bracelet last Saturday and have already worn it 3 times.  I think this one will be in heavy rotation in my jewelry wardrobe.

Unfortunately that means that I have yet to find a way to use the amazing starfish lampwork focal that Marianna sent me.  I have another a piece in the works with it but it is not coming together.  I think I may have to set the bead aside for awhile and wait for inspiration to strike at a later date.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a little teaser of what I sent to Marianna.  Be sure to visit her and all of the other artists who are participating in the blog hop.

Thanks to Lori Anderson for putting together another amazing blog hop and to you for reading this far.  Don’t forget to visit the other talented artists who are blogging today about their bead soup creations.  You can find a complete list of blog participants on Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party site.

Until next time,

Julie Anne

  1. Kashmira’s avatar

    That necklace is seriously cute!


  2. Tanya Ozanne’s avatar

    Delightful pieces.Very lovely way you have used the colours.Love and Hugs


  3. Cindy Wimmer’s avatar

    What a beautiful mix of beads from the talented Marianna! I’ve been a big fan of her lampwork since my early days. :-) The necklace you made is stunning, Julie Anne. It is dramatic. And classic – I can see you wearing it ALL the time. And a cute picture with it being worn, btw. The rosary bracelet is amazing. I love the whole composition with the faceted onyx and the way you started and ended the bracelet with silver components. I know you will cherish this one and hold it dear. Can’t wait to see what else you design with your remaining goodies! :-)


  4. coffeeaddict’s avatar

    Love the bracelet, such a simple and bold design!


  5. Marianna’s avatar

    Both pieces are stunning Julie! I love what you did! Thank you so much for being my partner and for sending such great soup. You’re work is so lovely and I look forward to seeing what you come up with with the starfish.
    xoxo Marianna


  6. Eleanor Burian-Mohr’s avatar

    A great focal, and you showed it off beautifully in the necklace!


  7. Kathleen Lange Klik’s avatar

    Both pieces are beautiful, love the wirework and charms on the bracelet! I am in love with the lampworked starfish bead set she sent you-wow! Would love to see what you create with those.


  8. Annita’s avatar

    You did a great job!


  9. Boot~C’s avatar

    I like how you echoed the colours of the disc in the necklace


  10. Joan Williams’s avatar

    I love your elegant designs – black with turquoise and silver is one of my favorite color combos.


  11. Jean Yates’s avatar

    How lovely your work is–very creative.
    jean yates


  12. Sherri Stokey’s avatar

    How pretty is that necklace!


  13. Lisa Chapman’s avatar

    I love the necklace and bracelet! They are very wearable designs. Great job!


  14. Lori Anderson’s avatar

    I really like the necklace and love the Via Dolorosa cross. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you make with her beads!


  15. Marti C’s avatar

    Beautiful beads and you did a great job putting it together!


  16. Lo/The Creative Klutz’s avatar

    Stunning designs, so wearable and the colour combo is lovely. I can’t wait to see what you make with the starfish lampwork bead – it’s so adorable =)


  17. Karyn B’s avatar

    The necklace looks great on you, and I totally see why you’ll wear that bracelet again and again. It’s elegant, understated, personal, and would go great with just about anything. Wonderful soup!


  18. Shirley’s avatar

    I really, really love both of your pieces. And I’m so glad you showed the necklace on, it helps so much to see it that way. Your rosary bracelet is elegantly simple. Beautiful!!


  19. Christina Hickman’s avatar

    I really like the black and green color combo on the necklace, the bracelet is very pretty too :)


  20. Barbe Saint John’s avatar

    Love what you did with your soup!!!


  21. Cheryl’s avatar

    I love the necklace. And it’s great that you modeled it for us!


  22. Inge von Roos’s avatar

    Very nice jewelry. I love the necklace especially.


  23. Lois’s avatar

    Very sophisticated colorway. I love how you used the triple ring to link the sides to the pendant. It gives nice texture to the connection.


  24. Emma Todd’s avatar

    Those are dramatic pieces, stunning work. I will be exciting to see what else you come up with for the rest. Breaks are always good to let the subconscious do some of the heavy lifting


  25. Andrea Trank’s avatar

    What you made worked. You have plenty more to play with in the future. Check out my soup and products during the next reveal at


  26. Terry’s avatar

    Both pieces are beautiful. I really love the rosary bracelet.


  27. Patricia Johnson’s avatar

    What a lovely set. Very nice job.


  28. Melissa Trudinger’s avatar

    Love that necklace, and the bracelet is simple and elegant. I can see it been worn a lot as it goes with everything!


  29. Jami Shipp’s avatar

    Great play… you played your hand well, very attractive and classy.


  30. CraftyHope’s avatar

    Your necklace made me sigh with contentment. It’s really something special. I like that you stuck with a simple design, but amazing results. Lovely!!

    Let me mention that your captcha thingie below is super cute, but impossible for me to use on my iPad/phone. I believe I’ve tried to comment here before and was unable to because of it. Again, super cute. . .just a barrier.


  31. Dana’s avatar

    How pretty are those?
    Your bracelet is proof – it isn’t necessarily the beads but what you do with them that makes a piece so special. Well done!


  32. Becky Pancake’s avatar

    Great job. A clean & simple design can be dramatic. You let the beads speak for themselves.


  33. pepita’s avatar

    Simple and elegant pieces, very nice!


  34. Marianne’s avatar

    really nice. looks dramatic with the tough of blue.


  35. jò’s avatar

    I like the bracelet!
    ciao dall’Italia


  36. Diane Valasek’s avatar

    Very classic necklace, I’m sure it’s one you will wear for many years to come!


  37. Diane Valasek’s avatar

    That’s such a classic necklace design, I am sure you will get years and years of wear out of it, it’s a style that will endure forever!


  38. Kathy Lindemer’s avatar

    All gorgeous pieces! You did a great job.


  39. alice craddick’s avatar

    I love the rosary bracelet- maybe if you get a chance you can shoot me a quick e-mail to give me the basics of a rosary bracelet. I love the charms too. A great everyday piece


  40. Alicia’s avatar

    OMG – that’s a gorgeous necklace: your matching of colours made for a beautiful and extremely elegant piece. The rosary is charming!


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