Let’s eat

Can you believe it?  Bead Soup reveal day is finally here.  I have had this piece done for a few weeks now and have been chomping at the bit (pun totally intended) to share it.  So without further ado, I give you:


(I must add a “TA-DA” in a 6 year old girl’s ecstatic voice.
Oh, and picture me throwing my hands over my head cheerleader-style too.
Yep, that is how happy I am with this necklace.)


My girly, romantic bead soup - love it!

I had so much to choose from in my bead soup package from my awesome partner Kelley Fogle that it was hard to know where to begin.  To refresh your memory, here is what Kel sent me:

Where to begin?

I was immediately taken by all of the sea and sand inspired colors.  I jumped right into my soup and started making a multi-link hodge podge sort of necklace.  I actually had to stop myself when I realized that I HAD to use the focal AND the clasp.  That was the challenge.  If I did a multi-link necklace (which will probably get finished BTW) I wouldn’t be able to use either.  I had to force myself to stop what I was doing and re-focus.  It was really hard to do that (I go a little ADHD around so many pretty beads) but I turned my attention to the brass ox focal and decided to run with that.

The first thing that I did with the brass focal (which is from B’Sues Boutiques) was to deal with the connectors.  I knew I wanted to bring some strands in from the side, so I borrowed a punch from my good friend Cindy Wimmer (seriously, how would I bead without you?) and punched some holes in the back.  Then I bent down the top and bottom connectors (glad I didn’t lop them off!) and set about putting the necklace together.

I decided to work with the 6mm faceted aquamarine that was in my soup. I like the greeny blue and the brown tones in the brass together. I added some 8mm stones from my stash, used some brass connectors that I have been dying to put to use and wrapped the whole thing up using 18g vintage bronze wire from Fusion Beads.

Could I get it a little closer? I don't think so.

Next I moved onto the pearl and chain strand.  I started out by using some bronze chain (from Beads 4 All) and the pearls that Kelley had sent me.  The creamy pearls seemed to get lost with the brown and blue color palette so I added some brown pearls from my stash.  Those worked perfectly and that strand came together rather quickly.

Now, what to do for a third strand?  I originally thought I would string some seed beads (I had the perfect color mix in my stash) but once I got one strand done the scale seemed wrong.  I eventually decided on a rosary strand (note that if you are Catholic, you need to remove the Pater beads to use these) from Yummy Treasures and the strands were complete.

Wonderful oxidized brass bow focal.

I then started assembling the necklace again using the bronze chain and the wonderful brass clasp.  Once the necklace was assembled I put it on and thought “hmmmmm……it’s missing something.”  Seriously, there is so much going on with the piece but it really seemed to be lacking something.  I decided to pry back down the bottom connector and add a few dangles.  That seemed to do the trick.  What do you think?

So now that you have seen what I made with my delicious bead soup, are you curious about my partner’s creation?  Well, here is what I sent to her to play with (our soups couldn’t be more different, could they?):

Whatcha making Kelley?

Before I sign off, I want to thank Lori Anderson who has worked tirelessly on organizing this exchange and to my partner Kelley for her generosity and over-all awesomeness.  Kelley has inspired me and been very supportive of my creating beautiful pieces with her soup.  I have more to share on that later, but now, I must blog hop!

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Until next time,
Julie Anne
  1. Terry’s avatar

    nice piece! love the bow, it’s very romantic :D


  2. Kelley’s avatar

    Julie Anne -
    I absolutely love, love, love this necklace! The way you used the bow focal was genius! I do agree that adding dangles to the bottom of the bow was just the right touch! Our Bead Soups are quite different, but it’s interesting how similar we worked with the colors! I am seriously loving your creativity! Thanks for being such a fun & supportive Bead Soup Partner! Kel :-)


  3. Kashmira’s avatar

    Such a sweet necklace! I am not a very romantic person, but I WANT that!


  4. Cindy Wimmer’s avatar

    Julie Anne, what a beautiful necklace… oh I would wear it in a heartbeat!! From the multiple strands to the color mix (and the focal bow!), I love it!! And I can just hear how much fun you had in designing this one.

    Thank you for sharing how to use a vintage rosary for Catholics…as I understand, it is also appropriate to break up the decade bead section. I’ll admit it bothers me some when I see an entire rosary used in a necklace design, as is.
    Bravo, Julie Anne on your first bead soup party!!!


  5. Dee Torcherer Elgie’s avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! I ta’da’d too! :D


  6. Stefanie’s avatar

    What a great soup and what a romantic necklace. Great job!


  7. jò’s avatar

    I adore it, it’ s lovely!
    I’m a partecipant from Italy, I’m trying to visit all of you.
    this was really a great experience!
    ciao ciao


  8. Joanne’s avatar

    lol @ ‘Oh, and picture me throwing my hands over my head cheerleader-style too.’ :D I’m not surprised you love it, it’s gorgous. Fabulous colours. :) x


  9. Bonnie’s avatar

    My first thought when I saw your piece was ‘vintage Victorian’. It’s lovely.


  10. Marjolein’s avatar

    The bow necklace is one of my favourites in this blog hop!!! Love it!!!


  11. Kathy Lindemer’s avatar

    I love blue and the metal together. The girly necklace is stunning. Using the bow as a focal for it is a great idea.


  12. Cheryl Dunham’s avatar

    Very nice piece.


  13. Sharon’s avatar

    It is so pretty! You’d feel like a princess wearing this piece. I wish I could try it on myself.


  14. Heidi Post’s avatar

    That is absolutely fabuloso! I’d be jumping up and down and cheering too. Congratulations on making one of the best pieces I’ve seen so far! Yay!!!


  15. Sandra Young’s avatar

    Yep – it’s gorgeous….TA DA!!!


  16. Kathleen Lange Klik’s avatar

    What a beautifully romantic piece! I love the color combination and the multi-strand design. The bow adds such a sweet touch to it!


  17. Lori Anderson’s avatar

    This does have a romantic vintage feel to it! The bow is sweet! And of course I love blues (and chain!).

    Thanks so much for playing (and I think Kelley lives near you!) — I hope you’ll join me again in the summer!


  18. CraftyHope’s avatar

    I love your enthusiasm for your piece, I totally share it. It’s BEAUTIFUL. The layers and colors and dangles and fun of it are outstanding. The soup you received was positively inspiring and I hope you share that first piece you started on before too long!


  19. Alicia’s avatar

    Julie, this is a gorgeous necklace – that bow gives it just the perfect touch, and makes it such a romantic piece! Love it…


  20. Wendy’s avatar

    What a pretty necklace! Love the colors! :)


  21. Tania Spivey’s avatar

    I adore vintage jewelry, and this fits the bill! Awesome job with the design…and I concur…what a sweet bow!!


  22. Pam’s avatar

    great work! Love the pieces


  23. Jean Peter’s avatar

    Wonderful love it, and yes I can see you doing your cheerleader thing.. as well you should!


  24. Jennifer Cameron’s avatar

    Gorgeous necklace! I love all that’s going on with it. That bow would have been impossible for me to use, but you really made something special. Congrats!


  25. Kristen’s avatar

    I had a huge smile on my face reading the first few lines of your blog to hear how excited your were about your finished piece! It came out beautifully!! Wonderful work!


  26. Nancy Boylan’s avatar

    Your necklace is just beautiful!! I love the colors and the bow in the front. Love how it all came together


  27. Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp’s avatar

    I really love this necklace too! I think I may have to try a teal brass combo myself! Thanks for the inspiration :)


  28. Cheryl Brown’s avatar

    I loved the multi strands of chain. Very lovely.


  29. Shaiha’s avatar

    I would be saying TA_DA too. That necklace is absolutely perfect! I would wear it in a heartbeat. (And if you want to test that, just send it my way)


  30. beth emery’s avatar

    i love your vision; it turned out beautifully! *love* the colors. just lovely.


  31. Penny Neville’s avatar

    I love that bow, it is so pretty and delicate. I love your multi-strand necklace you did a beautiful job!!


  32. Terri Wlaschin’s avatar

    Vintage romantic girly perfection. I love the color combination and your story of how you put this together.


  33. Michaela Pabeschitz’s avatar

    I’m sure, when you wear it you’ll play with those little bangles the whole day long. It’s so romantic and has a wonderful vintage touch – very well done!


  34. Kat’s avatar

    That really is romantic and girly with a Vintage look. You did a great job on that and it will be great to wear spring and summer. Have a great day!


  35. Diana P.’s avatar

    Such a sweet and romantic necklace with the bow in the front! Beautiful job with your bead soup!


  36. Lori Dorrington’s avatar

    What a lovely necklace; I really like multi-strand designs and yours is fabulous. I would love wearing this necklace. Great job using your soup ingredients!
    Lori D.


  37. Theresa’s avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  38. Alice’s avatar

    Give me a ‘Y’. Give me an ‘A’. Give me a ‘Y’. What’s that spell? Yay!
    I love the colors of your necklace. And that brass bow is just the sweetest! My favorite part is the multiple chains.


  39. Patti Vanderbloemen’s avatar

    Your multi-strand necklace is just gorgeous! I love the bow!!!! If you live close to Kelly, you must live close to me….I am in Manassas. Anyway, you did a great job!!


  40. Karen Vincent’s avatar

    Gorgeous necklace – love the colours and the focal bow is so pretty :)


  41. Jean A. Wells’s avatar

    That necklace is so beautiful. It is so romantic looking with the little bow. Just adorable. I love the bronze and the aqua blue together. I can certainly understand why you are pleased with it and I would love to join you in a happy dance! Great job!


  42. Andra Weber’s avatar

    I love the bow! Your necklace is beautiful and so girly. I could enjoy wearing it to a black tie event!


  43. Ema’s avatar

    OMy! Gorgeous! I love the layers of it and I think the dangles beneath the bow are just the perfect touch.


  44. Kat’s avatar

    This is a gorgeous necklace you made. I think this is one of the prettiest soups I’ve seen.


  45. Amanda Tibbetts’s avatar

    You’ve put together such a fun and funky necklace. It’s sweet and spicy at the same time. I love it!


  46. Dana’s avatar

    TaDa is right! You did great! I don’t always like girly but you did it right! Love it!


  47. Deborah Brooks’s avatar

    LOVE what you did with your soup!!!


  48. Michelle Jensen’s avatar

    So pretty!! I love the multi-strand effect. The layers add so much depth to it. Excellent job!


  49. Alesha’s avatar

    Yep – that is a keeper!!! Dont’ you just love when you make something, and…well… just love it?!!! :) It’s beautiful! Well done!



  50. Donna’s avatar

    I love the soup you received. Brown and turquoise. So pretty together. Nicely done!!


  51. Andrea Trank’s avatar

    Definitely my favorite combination… turquoise and copper. love your work.


  52. Kat BM’s avatar

    I love the vintage feel to the necklace.. honestly your bead soup was so very varied, my hat is off to you for pulling it together so well!


  53. Kay’s avatar

    That turned out gorgeous. I love how you connected the focal and then added the dangles. And I really like the multi strand necklace and then how you connected the clasp. Very nice.


  54. Jennifer’s avatar

    Oooh! This is definitely in my top five of bead soup pieces I’ve seen so far! (I’m running behind eek) I love love LOVE this!!!! Yay you! *does a cheer* You go!!!!


  55. Ann’s avatar

    I love this necklace:) It is very girly and I think that’s the reason. Some of my favorite people to spend time with are girls between 3 and 8 because we share so many interests (sparkly things, horses, pretty colors) and this necklace would make them all jealous.


  56. Jeanette Blix’s avatar

    Hi Julie Anne, I stopped by the day of the bead soup reveal and couldn’t figure out where to leave a comment until Cindy told me to look at the top of the post, not the bottom! A beautifully romantic necklace you created! It’s beautiful!


  57. Jo Tinley’s avatar

    Definitely TA-DA! You made some beautiful pieces, and I love the colours.



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