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I made beads

Most are ugly, but I made them.  Thanks Kerry Bogert, Cindy Wimmer and Jeanette Blix for the fabulous day!

The glass went from this:

To this:

Photo by Kerry Bogert

To this:


Over the last few weeks I have been working on sample pieces for the classes that I wanted to pitch at a local bead store.  One of the classes that I pitched was a class on spiraling.  Basically, I wanted to show how you could take a core skill (like wire wrapping taught in another class) and using the same techniques make coils/spirals/etc. to add to any type of project that you would think of.  Once you learn the techniques, then you make and take home whatever you can dream up.  Here are a few samples that I made for my pitch:

Simple little spiraled earrings in copper with glass and copper beads

Awesome glazed ceramic beads accented by patined copper spiral links.

Whaddya think?  Would a class like this appeal to you?

Thanks for reading,

Julie Anne

Don’t you love it when creative inspiration strikes out of nowhere?  That doesn’t happen too often to me, but this piece literally jumped into my lap and I am really pleased at how it turned out.

Forty inches long - full of wearing possibilities

A few weeks ago I posted about a bead purchase from Anne’s Glass Jewels.  I had the strand of autumn colored beads on my work table in a bowl that was sitting next to a huge pile of sample links that I had been working on.  The beads had been there a few days when I decided that I needed to dump out the bowl to look for a stray bead (I never found it, BTW).  When I dumped the beads out, the brown strand landed in the pile of practice links.  I took one look at the bead-link jumble and had a big AH HA moment.   As you can see, I added a few beads from Blue Seraphim and some encased lampwork that came from I don’t know where.  I threw in a few pounded out washers, made some quick jump rings and a clasp and viola – necklace done.  To finish the piece, I patinaed it with LOS, polished with steel wool and gave it a good finishing in the tumbler.

I am taken with the pretty little bubbly bead.

I think this piece will be a great wardrobe staple.  It is long (about 40 inches) and can be worn as a single strand, a double strand or as a lariat.  I have already worn it twice and I am searching for more warm colors in my closet to wear it with.  Uh oh, I think I feel a shopping trip coming on.  :-)

Until next time,

Julie Anne


I was asked by a local bead shop to consider teaching a few basic wire work classes.  After recovering from the shock, I thought about it, went home, made a few sample pieces and pitched a class.  The store was delighted with my suggestions and asked me to make a few sample pieces with their stock for them to photograph for the class promo.  This is one of many pieces I have made that I am taking over to the store next week.

These earrings are very long green jade (I think) briolettes wrapped in 18g copper hanging on hand crafted 20g copper ear wires.  Once the earrings were finished, they took a dip in liver of sulfur, were polished with steel wool and finally spent a few hours in my new tumbler.

 Until next time,

Julie Anne

Let me just say Kelley Fogel rocks!  Now that I have said that, please read on.  :-)

So, my bead soup from Kelley arrived today.  I think she climbed into my head to find me pieces from her stash to send.  There isn’t anything in this that I don’t love.  And she sent me soooo much to work with.  I feel terrible that I didn’t send nearly half of what she sent to me, but I promise some amazing pieces will come from this.  Kelley will be the beneficiary of at least one of them.

Here’s what she sent:

In here you will find (in no particular order): rough cut garnet, dyed fossil, faceted aquamarine, jasper, kazuri beads, czech glass, vintage black glass, peruvian blue opal, assorted bone and wood beads, shells, aqua terra jasper, commercial lampwork, freshwater pearls and adventurine along with findings from Ornamentea, B’Sue Boutique, Elaine Ray and Tim Holtz.  Whew – that is one big pot of soup!  I can’t wait to dig into these.

You can find Kelley at My life…one bead at a time.
For a list of all participants and partners, visit the Bead Soup Blog Party site.
And don’t forget to visit Lori Anderson at her blog.

I received a nice package yesterday and wanted to share.  Coming home to these in the mail made my day:

These beauties came from Anne’s Glass Jewels.  I purchased them about 2 weeks ago and they came all the way from The Netherlands.  Aren’t they lovely?

Look at all of those colors in this one little bead.

I was entranced by the strand of ocean colored orphans, so I also purchased these:

I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into these.  Whatever will I make?

Until next time,

Julie Anne




I am participating in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party.  First off, my apologies to Lori for not being able to figure out how to get the button to properly display on my blog.  I have a love/hate relationship with WordPress, and right now we are in the hate phase!

My partner is Kelley Fogel from My life…one bead at a time.  I just put my goodies in the mail to Kelley yesterday and she should get them soon as she is local.  I hope I sent her some things that she will like.  I like them….does that count?  :-)   I am looking forward to receiving my beads from her.  I will post a photo when they arrive.  In the meantime, here a little teaser of what I sent to Kelley.  Can you figure out what’s in there?

Until next time,

Julie Anne


For Sharon

A few weeks ago I posted this necklace.  My friend Sharon asked if I could make her one.  I had a few leftover beads so I suggested a modified version of my piece.  This is what I came up with using my leftover beads from Blue Seraphim, a few Czech glass tulip beads and some copper chain.

I even had time to make a sweet pair of earrings to go with it.

Enjoy Sharon.  They are on their way up to you now.

- Julie Anne


My husband tells me I am a lover of all things old and broken.  This piece comes from my love of cheering for the underdog and taking old, unusual things and giving them new life.

I found this fab chain and enameled brooch at a thrift store here in town a few months ago.  I discovered the chain first.  It is brass (I think) and has a wonderful patina and feels incredible in your hand.  I knew I was taking it home the minute I laid eyes on it.  As I poked around the shop some more, I spied this chipped, enameled brooch tucked into the corner of the display case.  Instantly I knew these pieces were destined for each other.

Once I got them home, I trimmed the pin off of the brooch and used its base as a foundation for the loops that hold my piece together (those are nicely hidden behind the flower).  The chain was carefully trimmed to length and its clasp salvaged.  Once the basic form of the necklace was finished, I added a strand of brown freshwater pearls with Charlotte spacers and another strand of copper wire wrapped glass beads.  The finishing touch?  A glass bead wired into the center of the enamel flower.

I have worn this piece a few times since I made it right before Thanksgiving.  I must confess that it is a lot of necklace.  But, I am a lot of girl so its scale works for me.  I also love that I was able to give life to pieces that other people had cast aside as old or beaten up.  Sometimes the underdog wins and I think that this is one of those times.  :-)


I made this somewhat impromptu piece the day before Thanksgiving.  I hadn’t wanted to blog about it because it didn’t turn out as I had envisioned and it is so darned simple.  But, I have worn it about a dozen times since I made it so I obviously like it.  Time for me to put it out there, right?

This piece started as a multi strand necklace made up of the amazing beads from Blue Seraphim and a strand of copper spring links that I made.  Once I got the piece assembled I felt that the beads themselves were a bit small for the links of the hand forged strand so I took it apart.  That was about 10:00 pm on the night before Thanksgiving.  That is about when I threw down my tools and went to bed for the night.

Being as stubborn as I am, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning really mad that I couldn’t wear my new piece for the day as I had hoped.  I looked at it again and figured that I could quickly make a simple single-strand piece, wear it for the day (the colors are perfect for Thanksgiving) and then tackle it again at some later date.  An hour or two later, the piece was wrapped, a simple clasp was made, and I was dressed and ready for our Thanksgiving dinner with this around my neck.

Since then I have worn the piece many, many times.  I had it on this morning and my hubby mentioned how pretty it was.  I told him it was the beautiful beads.  He said “yes, and the beautiful necklace”.  So, I think I am keeping this piece as is.  Simple sometimes is the best.


Thanks for reading,

Julie Anne

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